DEI Workshop Planning for a Princeton Academic Department

The Office of the Provost offers resources—tailored to the particular needs of academic units at Princeton—providing expert consulting, climate data expertise and targeted workshops to further support your unit’s mission. To best leverage the full breadth of resources, the most measurable impact will be achieved by planning a delivery roadmap over several months, informed by your unit’s particular needs.

  • Three Year Example of Workshop Roadmap


    Roadmaps for each academic unit are customizable. The following example comprises one training/semester over a three-year period.

    • Semester One | Inclusive Academic Mentoring

      An overview of best practices and strategies to mentor diverse groups of students, researchers and scholars.

      75 minutes | up to 50 participants

    • Semester Two | Bystander Intervention for Faculty

      A workshop that provides tools to help participants intervene in problematic situations.

      75 minutes | up to 30 participants

    • Semester Three | Inclusive Innovation

      Inclusion enhances the creativity and problem-solving effectiveness of diverse teams and is a catalysis for innovation. This workshop provides an overview of best practices.

      60 minutes | up to 50 participants

    • Semester Four | Inclusive Teaching Methodologies

      Co-delivered with colleagues from McGraw, this session showcases discipline-specific technologies and methods you can incorporate for more inclusive teaching

      60 minutes | up to 30 participant