Get Started

  • Form a departmental DEI/Climate Committee

    • Craft a departmental diversity statement and/or community expectations
    • Administer a departmental climate survey and use results to inform needs
    • Schedule targeted professional development and community-building initiatives

The Provost’s Office offers DEI guidance and support to Princeton’s academic departments.  There are a number of steps you can take towards building a more inclusive climate in your unit. 

Form a DEI/Climate Committee

The Office of the Provost offers academic departments support from diversity, equity and inclusion professionals for creating a committee tailored to your department’s needs. 

Craft a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

Publicly communicate statements of diversity, equity and inclusion tailored to each department’s experience. 

Adopt Community Expectations for Respect and Professionalism

Consistent with University values of diversity, inclusivity, freedom of expression and mutual respect, the Office of the Provost can assist academic departments who wish to establish inclusive community expectations for respectful and professional interactions.

Consider a Climate Survey

Climate surveys are a tool academic departments can employ to gain detailed information about their climate.