Departmental Initiatives

This section is designed to offer easy access to the broad range of initiatives in which Princeton academic departments  from across the University are currently engaged.  Below, you will find linked indexes of Princeton’s academic departments which have created climate committees as well as examples of  the charges given to those committees.  You will also find lists of academic departments which have crafted diversity and inclusion statements, agreed community expectations, and conducted departmental climate surveys.  

Examples from Princeton academic departments

Listing of Princeton academic departments, centers, programs and institutes which have already composed their own climate committees, inclusion and diversity statements and community agreements for respect & professionalism.


It is best practice to periodically review departmental processes used to recruit faculty, staff and graduate students.


Resources for Princeton's academic departments to communicate with constituent populations in inclusive and respectful ways.

Community Building

A number of resources are available to Princeton academic departments seeking to take proactive steps to build departmental community.